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The Experienced Talent Advantage

Other than saving thousands of man-hours having to constantly hire, train and maintain less experienced workers, the benefits of hiring a more reliable and steadfast workforce are worth considering. Here are just some.

Lower Turnover

The reality is, experienced executives have no plans to move up and out. They are not looking to work their way up the corporate ladder, and do not jump the moment a better opportunity arises. Instead, they are stable, loyal, and resilient.

Lower Costs

Experienced Talent are flexible in their remuneration expectations. They understand that work is more than just about a monthly paycheck, and instead look for camaraderie and pride in their role.


Contrary to popular belief, experienced professionals offer dynamism in terms of flexibility and adaptability. They are often ready and willing to relocate, open to short-term or interim employment, and adept at dealing with challenges at work.


More often than not, experienced professionals do not have unrealistic expectations of employers and management. They, too, know what they can deliver and do not over promise.


Critical skills such as time and people management are developed over time. Experienced professionals have years of both life and work experience to hone these skills.

Communication Skills

Communication and listening skills take practice, often years of it. Experienced executives are better able at discerning and adhering to workplace structure and understand how to diplomatically convey ideas to other colleagues. In fact, experienced executives make nurturing mentors, stimulating the growth of other employees.

Organisational Skills

Years of experience make mid-career executives an asset in terms of understanding how businesses set priorities. Goals and objectives are met without insubordination and objection.

Effectiveness and Experience

Experienced executives possess a mature understanding of how jobs can be done more effectively, and have the experience to do so. This saves businesses money.

Integrity and Ethics

Experienced executives have developed fundamental qualities like integrity, as well as ethics that withstand the test of time.

Commitment and Perspective

Passion can be a motivating force, but it is commitment that carries passion to the end. Knowing that experienced employees are dedicated and in it for the long haul brings sustainable value to any organisation.


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