Since 2006 after I left Corporate HR role, I have been introduced to the employment and re-employment challenges of more mature professionals. After some 10 years, I think we are somewhat stuck at the reflection mode for too long. Questions hover around "what's in it for me?" " what for?" instead of " why not?..with peer support on a collaborative platform .

Life is about participation, active involvement, it is not about watching and waiting for others to change their mindsets!

I invite you to step forward and come join us in a new era in 2018 , as we launch a brand new platform, Silver Spring Enterprise, to advocate and co-craft new roles to present to potential organizations, seeking for the right talents at the right time. 

I look forward to hearing from you, to help us to help each other on this exciting movement. 

Cheers to all,

Helen Lim

CEO and Founder of Silver Spring Private Limited. 

Put the Bounce Back in Your Life.