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Our Mission

Our Story, Our Mission

Silver Spring is Singapore’s first social enterprise to champion the employment of experienced job seekers.

We started in 2009 with a simple mission - to help displaced professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) in their 40s and 50s return to the workforce. Our focus also includes enabling retired professionals in their 60s to re-discover their value and find fulfilling re-career options.

We equip PMEs with individual coaching, job search skills, job placement services, pre and post job assimilation support as well as mentoring for alternative careers.

In Singapore’s tight labour market where organisations are continuously confronted by talent shortage, mature and experienced PMEs form a valuable human resource pool to tap on. We partner companies to select the right experienced candidate to match the organisation’s DNA. Our unique approach includes close follow up with client companies before and after the recruitment of a candidate.

Singapore’s ageing population is creating a paradigm shift in the workforce demographic where an increasingly larger proportion of the the workforce will be in the older age groups. At Silver Spring, we believe that this presents an unprecedented opportunity to effectively deploy experienced PMEs as a critical component in Singapore’s human capital strategy for continued growth.

Our goal is to be the agency of choice for experienced talent in the Singapore workforce. Our aspiration is that every mid-career job seeker who comes to Silver Spring will experience a bounce back in their lives through finding employment or an alternative career.

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